Fremont Auto Detail - "Your complete auto makeover place"

4314 Fremont Ave North Seattle, Wa 98103


Sam G.
San Pedro, CA

So, I just drove away with my Black G35 and it looked as the day it did when I drove it off the lot. Homer and his team were very flexible and great. This is an exterior detail but, just for the heck of it I think they did some of the Interior too because it was sparkling in and out?!?

They offered me a ride to my home. Great place. Its a small little mom n pop operating from a garage so don't be turned off, they do a great job. Tires dressed, Rims sparkle, body buffed & hand waxed.

Kristina B.
Seattle, WA

This place rocks like no other. 10 stars out of 5 for these guys!

I brought them my truck that has not only had 3 dogs riding in the cab for the past 6 years, but it has also been to Burning Man several times.

Not only did they get all of the dog hair and smell out, but they got out 3 years worth of caked on and embedded in playa dust. Inside and out it's like a whole new truck. They spent 2 extra days on it, shampooed the carpets at least 3 times, and waxed and polished it I don't even know how many times. AND they did not charge me a penny more for all the extra work they did.

I also brought them some of my living room rugs to clean. I'd rather support these guys than the dry cleaners! I wonder If I can get them to do my laundry and dishes too.........

Bryce S.

Homer still works the shop. I took my Subaru Forester for a full detail for $185. It took the whole day -- dropoff at 8am and pickup at 5pm -- but he did a really thorough job, and he charges a little less than some high-end detail shops. I'd left a lot of items in the glove box, side pockets, etc, and Homer took them all out and placed them in paper bags so that he could clean every square inch of the interior.

Since I didn't have any criticisms of his work, I don't know how he would've taken negative feedback. Also, this is a business that's run with a Fremont flair. Want more details of what I mean, just go to the movies on the website.

John M.

Couple great experiences with Homer (the owner). Have taken both a 10 year old car there for a full detail as well as a 1 year old car for a wash and vac. Both good deals, but the wash and vac for 40$ is an absolutely great deal. Car very thoroughly cleaned and washed in only an hour.

Certainly something I can recommend! They have moved to a new location on Elliot so be aware they aren't in their old Fremont location...

Jenny H.

Fremont Auto Detail and Homer (the owner) rock! I brought my car- which had been through a cross-country move and several camping trips with the dog - to them on a Monday evening and by Tuesday at 4 p.m., it was spotless and cleaner than they day I bought it from the dealership. The location is definitely 'no frills', but don't judge a book by it's cover. I am soooo happy!

Laura S.

I called Homer at Fremont Auto Detail and set up the full interior / exterior detail for my old car... and he had it finished by the end of the next business day! I really liked my experience at this business, personal and professional: I met his little shop-dog who had just gotten his nightly scrub-down, and Homer was upfront about the costs and what he could and couldn't do to improve the looks of my 17 year old car. I was shocked by how shiny and nice my car looked when it was finished -- gorgeous! I definitely recommend this business, and having called around to about 4 other shops, the cost seemed very reasonable.

Otto F.

Couldn't be happier. Great job on my filthy stationwagon, Homer was a swell guy to deal with and I'd go back in a second. I am going to try to do this once every six or eight months now instead of once in five years. Great job!

Seattle, WA

After requested cleaning of only the two front seats, I came back to find the whole interior had been cleaned without my approval. Henceforth I was charged the full price when I should have only been charged a third of that. Parts seemed cleaned yet others were clearly untouched. I know this because I had cleaned the car myself two days prior. Fortunately I was able to get my insurance company to pay the bill otherwise I would be coming back for my money. That said, people....make sure you get a written estimate before you leave your car there. The people there are nice but that's about it. I think in the future I will continue to clean my car myself since it seems I do a much better job.

Kiki P.
Edmonds, WA

I have been taking my car here for years and have received nothing but the finest of service. I hate to point fingers, but I can't imagine that Amani didn't contribute in some way to what sounds like a nasty situation. I have watched the staff here communicate with DOZENS of customers, including very demanding ones, and have never seen any disrespect of people - men or women. They do an awesome job, and every time I get my car back I am wowwed by the thorough job that has been done.

Homer definitely has never treated anyone poorly in the hours and hours I have seen him and his staff interact with their customers. Aunt B. - I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. I am a woman and I love doing business at this detail shop.

Different experiences to say the least.

Taylor L.
Seattle, WA

I can't speak to the quality of their work, but just got off the phone with Homer, the owner of Fremont Auto Detail, and he was a class act. He was unable to accommodate my vehicle because he is booked up for awhile (a good sign indeed!) but was super friendly and willing to provide a recommendation (and warned against places to avoid). Definitely look forward to taking my vehicle here to get detailed in the future.

edelweiss s.
Seattle, WA

Homer is a genius. I called short notice for a 'gift' to husband: a detail on our much loved sedan. Granted, outside didn't need much work, but Homer and his associates brought the inside back to factory shine. At 'check in' time, I asked lots of questions. Homer gave detailed info on how he was going to clean the interior of our car. The 'PERSONAL EFFECTS' brown bags delivered at the end of the day held treasures we thought we had lost ages ago under the seat, in the glove box and between the cushions. The poetry on the garage wall reveals artistry. Homer delivered as promised-on time and spotless. Got my money's worth and plan on returning.

Jeannie G.
Seattle, WA

This place is wonderful. Homer is attentive, flexible and thorough. He takes a lot of pride in his work and does wonderful work. His prices are fair and he was a joy to deal with.

erin f.
Seattle, WA

I called on a Tuesday and was scheduled for an appointment on Thursday. Sort of a quirky place (website, employees, etc) but seemed to have great service and my car was a good as new!! The turn-around time was about 8 hours. I will pay the money go get ths done once every year or two--well worth it!!

James K.
Seattle, WA

These guys did an amazing job on our baby & dog trashed transporter---it looks completely new and the stench of spoiled milk is gone. They also honored a giftie purchased from a charity auction that had expired two years before. Great job and great work!

Hana J.
Seattle, WA

I had a great experience here recently---my car was flawless when I picked it up, both inside and out! I would definitely return here. Although it was an all-day commitment, I was able to drop off my car the night before and pick it up after work the following day. Good customer service and great quality!

lydia v.
Seattle, WA

Homer cleaned my 7yo "doggie mobile"/Toyota Highlander and it looks amazing! Excellent customer service and totally reasonable pricing, thank you Homer, we'll be back!

Heather G.
Seattle, WA

I cannot say enough about the service I got at Fremont Detail. My old subaru had mold on the carpet. Homer took the trunk carpet out and pressure washed the carpet and padding -- he even cleaned the compartment underneath. They took everything out of the car and saved it for me to go through. Homer was very kind-- and the car sparkled. I feel like I am driving a new car! I would highly recommend this detail shop to anyone. Kind Service, excellent rates, very clean car!